Your Friday Morning Coffee Update

Yesterday was a busy day at Canadian Frame(lines). So busy that by the time we put down our tools it was dark and we couldn’t get shots of the bus to share with you guys!

Ryder had a morning full of meetings, but he was able to, with the help of our wonderful friend Ricky Castanedo, scan some of our recently developed Super8. These images, and a few more we will be developing this weekend, will be used in some pretty wicked promotional postcards that I’m dying to show you, but you’ll have to wait a couple more weeks. While all that was going on I was doing some work on the PET.

You may remember a couple of weeks ago a group of us went out to clean and prime the PET’s exterior. Unfortunately for us, the day we picked happened to be a torrential downpour. Even though we were inside a large barn the moisture in the air, combined with the fact that we applied the primer a little too thickly has meant that some of it has started to bubble and flake off. So yesterday I went around with a wire brush and ShopVac to take off as much of the flaking as I could. The good news is that the vast majority of the primer affixed it PET’s exterior wonderfully. Now all we need is a dry day to patch the spots that are now devoid of primer. I also did a thorough cleaning of PET’s interior, although much of that has been undone by work we did later in the afternoon/evening.

Once Ryder returned we finished installing the bed — there is now a flat surface upon which to place a mattress as opposed to the framing beams that were there previously. We then affixed our kitchen counter top to it’s frame, cleaned up and called it a night.

Today I will be out making money at my ‘real job’ while Ryder will be working on PET. We’ve decided to treat ourselves to a night out with friends – Dinner on Commercial Dr. and a screening of The Artist at The Rio.

We have another busy weekend ahead, but you’ll hear all about that on our Weekly Video Update this Sunday.

Talk soon!



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