Weird Facts #1 Potato Chips

Alright, I love weird facts. It is a strange pleasure of mine to find out bizarre information about seemingly mundane subjects. Today, I’ve got an interesting tidbit about Lays brand potato chips and flavours that are ONLY available in Canada.

Across the country you can find:

Dill Pickle
Old-Fashioned Ketchup*
Old-Fashioned Dill Pickle*
Sea salt and pepper (a personal favourite of mine)
Smokey Bacon

In Atlantic Canada you can also find:

Roasted Chicken and Fries with Gravy

Finally, only available in Western Canada:

Old-Fashioned Barbeque*

So there you have it, the most Canadian flavours of potato chips.

*What they mean by ‘Old Fashioned’ I have no idea.

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