Weekly “Video” Update 35: August 27, 2012

Hello friends,

Welcome to weekly update 35, better known as the “Alex and Ryder are not together in the same place for long enough at any given time other than when they’re asleep to make a video” update. Hence the text. Which is okay, because this week’s update will be pretty brief.

The biggest thing that is happening for us right now is prepping all of the perks for your contributions to the Canadian Frame(lines) fundraising campaign. We’re at about 90% completion and are just touching base with a handful of people to make sure we are sending out the right stuff and then everything will be in the mail/hand-delivered/delivered online, as each case may warrant. Ryder is whipping up an extra special digital download DVD of the Caulfield White Productions films that you can burn yourself and then watch on any TV. Buttons are coming together, shirts are too…it’s a fun time over here at Canadian Frame(lines) HQ.

Don’t forget, if you missed the deadline for the Indiegogo fundraiser, we still have a Paypal donation bin on our website under “Donate Now via Paypal.” We take credit cards and the whole bit! We don’t have all the sweet perks, but if you’re very good then we could probably swing mailing you a handmade button (while supplies last, of course).

We are also working down our path for our New Year’s Eve venue. We’ve got a couple good conversations going but if anyone knows of any good multi-purpose spaces that would be friendly to a cause like ours for holding a New Year’s Eve event in the Vancouver area, please let us know.

We really wish you guys could see the bus! It’s really coming along. It’s going to be a fantastic workspace by the time we’re through, and we’re excited to share it all across the country.

To close off tonight, we’d like to share a little anecdote from the days of the Monologue Marathon. During one of the days, Ryder was explaining the project to a lady who had stopped. She was pleasant, receptive, on the young side of middle age and was walking alone across the Art Gallery plaza. But she stopped him on the phrase “Canadian Identity.” “Oh God,” she said. “Are people still talking about that?” She went on to explain that she had spend the last several years living all around the world, and she couldn’t believe that the Canadian Identity issue was still being raised. “I can tell you first hand that people don’t have these discussions in other countries.” The discussion remained friendly, however, and in the end the two of them reached a consensus that while the national identity conversation had a long history, the fact that it remains unresolved is only a greater argument for the perpetual renewal of investigations into the subject. But why do we (apparently) talk so much more about it than anybody else? Could it be that one of the things that sets us apart as Canadians is the active process of introspection that permeates our culture? Or are we just bored, looking for something to do and for some way to be distinct from a similar and much more (in some respects) powerful nation that is our closest partner? We’d love to hear your input. We are going to be launching more interviews soon; please get in touch if you have comments you’d like us to put in a video.

We’ll leave you with that until the weekend. Have a great one, everybody.

– Alex and Ryder


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