Tuesday Tidbits: Mechanical Inspection

On Sunday I told you that we would be taking PET in for a mechanical inspection. Yesterday we did, and late last night Ryder talked with a wonderful man named Murph who had conducted the inspection. He explained to us what would need to be fixed before it would pass inspection; mostly small, relatively quick fixes with the exception of a crack in the exhaust manifold. We’ve gone ahead and given them permission to start work on most of the PET’s needs –Ryder will fix a couple of the simple things himself.

This commercial vehicle inspection was a much more pleasant experience than the last and I’m really thankful for all the guys at Diesel Tech in Burnaby. They were so professional and took the time to help us understand anything that we were unclear on (this is the first diesel vehicle, and first large vehicle either Ryder or I have ever owned).

We will keep you updated on any significant progress made before next Sunday’s video update.

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