“…I  was moved by the impact Canadian Framelines left on our little communities and would welcome them back again to carry on from where they left off. They really did bring our small community together for the month and left behind some friendships and bonding that would not have taken place otherwise. Close to 100 residents attended the premier viewing of the 10 locally produced films. It was a very emotional experience for me personally to see the people who would not normally participate get as involved as they did and mix with the younger generation. Since they have left community members are still talking about the experience and what else we could be doing to let the rest of Canada know who we are…” – Gail C.

“…This month long project brought together participants from both the Village and the county.  The participants included students from the village school, local business owners, farmers, retirees, amongst others.  From each unique perspective we all gained insights into each other’s diverse realities – and perhaps developed an appreciation for those realities.  From my perspective this is a clear example of using arts as a tool of social change…” – Karel B.

“…In early January of this year, they pulled their bus into town and eagerly got to work. In the end, we had eight people step forward to participate each bringing a different view point. Our eight brave filmmakers brought a variety of perspectives including volunteerism, youth, marine history, and heritage… There was a definite sense of pride and accomplishment from those involved including their friends and family who attended the final screening event…” – Francine L.

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