Reaching Our Goal

We've almost reached 1/2 our goal, but we've only got 16 days left!

We’ve almost reached 1/2 our goal, but we’ve only got 16 days left!


If you’ve looked at the What We Need section of our campaign page you’ll have found a breakdown of what we intend to use our raised funds for – if you haven’t taken a look yet, check it out now! You’ll see down near the bottom of that section a breakdown of Indiegogo’s fees for hosting our campaign which includes a credit card processing fee, a wire transfer fee, and finally Indiegogo’s cut of the funds raised by our project. We have that percentage listed as 4%, which it will be if we make our goal of $10,842. However, if we fail to reach our goal, Indiegogo takes 9% of all funds raised (this is done to discourage people from requesting amounts they could never raise and thereby bringing down the website’s success numbers). What this mean for you is that if we don’t reach our goal, a larger portion of your donation goes to Indiegogo and not to the Canadian Frame(lines) project. You can prevent that from happening by sharing our fundraiser with your friends and family, and encouraging them to donate any amount they can. You can send an email, post to facebook or tumblr, or tweet about us using the hashtag #fundfilm2013

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