On the move

Last night was the last night we were to spend in the Pender Harbour area. It was hard to take stock of it at the time, we were busy setting up projectors and making popcorn and hoping that people showed up. In the end, it was a success. The seats were mostly full, it would have been nice to have more people but we were competing with Robbie Burns night at the legion. Even still, all of our participants seemed to really enjoy the evening.

We’re about 90% packed up now — Ryder securing a few more things and then we’ll be hitting the road. It’s hard to believe we’ve finished working with our first community already. Admittedly, this time will be a little different from the next time. Ryder’s mother and step-father live here, so we know we’ll be back. The next place we visit, Cremona, Alberta, and all the places we go after that, there is a possibility that we’ll never return once we’ve left.

We’ve met so many amazingly interesting and vastly different people in Pender Harbour, I can only imagine we’ll have similar experiences across the country. That’s why I’m feeling a little bit unsettled today. I love connecting with new and different people; finding the things we have in common and sharing ideas. The difference is, in my everyday life pre-Canadian Frame(lines), there was a good chance that I would see these people again. Even if we didn’t become best friends, or see each other ever week, it was probable that we’d run into each other at a gallery opening, or a film screening, or even just walking around in the city. Now, as part of Canadian Frame(lines) there is a greater possibility that just as I’m getting to know someone, I’ll never see them again.

In this age of electronic communication, I’m sure we’ll chat, and keep one another’s lives in our periphery, but I have to wonder how it will effect the relationships I form. If I go into meeting someone fully aware that I will probably never see them again will the bonds we make be weaker than those I make with someone I met at a party in Vancouver? Or will they be stronger? Forged into being by an immediacy you can only have when you live moment by moment?

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