Loonie Lundi

Today, we want to prove that the size of the donation is less important than the donation itself. Almost every campaign says “every donation, no matter how small, helps…”; I have a feeling that not a lot of people believe us. I’ve hear anecdotes from friends about people who tell them that they really like the Canadian Frame(lines) project, but can’t give much money and don’t want to offend us with a small donation.

How crazy is that?!loonielundiIt’s pretty loonie if you ask us!

Small donations are at the core of crowd-funding. It is how we can democratize our system of financing so that culturally worthy projects that might not be the most financially lucrative can get made.
Let’s get 100, $1 donations in by midnight Pacific Time tonight and prove that when we each of us gives a little, we give a lot.


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