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Heart-Shaped-Social-Media-IconsSince we began this project, we’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with many amazingly kind, and creative people around Canada. When we began reaching out about our fundraising campaign everyone wanted to help – even those who couldn’t contribute monetarily. The good news that the biggest way you can help us today is by spreading the word. One thing that helped our last Indiegogo campaign was getting on the ‘front page’ of the Indiegogo website and being featured in one of their daily emails to subscribers. The way we were chosen was because our campaign was ‘active’. This means, in a short period of time (a day or 2) we had a lot of donations (size doesn’t matter), lots of likes, shares and click-throughs. We NEED to do this again if we want our campaign to succeed. So please, visit our Campaign Page, Like/Tweet/+1 our campaign from that page, leave a supportive comment, and come back often. The more clicks, the better!

We just past the halfway point of this fundraising campaign and have already received $5,591 in donations – that’s approximately 51% of our goal. Often times campaigns can have a slump in donations after the halfway mark. To prevent this from happening we need you to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! If 10 people in every community we’ve worked with so far share our project and fundraiser with 10 friends, we’ll have reached 1000 new people today; image what will happen if those 1000 people each shared Canadian Frame(lines) with 10 more friends!

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