Fundraiser Update Day 37

It is a red letter day! And I am going to keep this short because I am on the ipad again, but we just wanted to take a moment and thank our wonderful donors who today brought us significantly over the $5000 mark!

This support means the world to us, and I hope you all know that. And even though it is not the end goal, I think we did a great job raising the 5 k together, don’t you?

Or monologue marathon has been going well. I have been hearing and reading things that are beautiful, insightful, analytical, and just plain cool about and surrounding canada. And taking it to the street is also pretty fun because we get people from all walks of life, an incredible cross section of Vancouver. There is a lot of interest out there! Once people stop to talk to us, the love the project immediately. It’s all about getting your foot in the door, as they say. Check out the link to #MONOLOGUEMARATHON above for more info!

Day 37 Totals

105 indiegogo donors

$5,281 online donations
$745.17 cash donations
$6,026.17 total donations

We still need to raise $23,973.83

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