Thank You 2013 Donors

We’re so happy that the following people have taken the time to support our project and help bring these films made all around Canada to the world:

Deborah Jean

Ian Balzer

Thad Guyer

Adam Huggins

Carolyn White & Micheal Driscoll

Hayley Gauvin

Katie I.

Curtis Carmony

Kristin Soo

Janet Strege

Milton Lim


Jo-Ann Sullivan

Sophie Burton

Jasper Soucoup

Laurel K Brown

Nathan Douglas

Kyle Paoletta

Lina Stolyar

Deana Jensen


Jeff White

Madelyn Smith


Joanna Moran

Liz McKeon

M.E. Fitch

Maureen & Randy

Hannah Bernard

Julia Youngs

Robert Caulfield

Karin Dyck

Kathy Carson & Mike Healy

Steven Loew

Emily Ludington

Jill Couture

Julia Hutchings





Sara Saucedo

Jacqueline Laing

Kayleigh Deck

Paula McGlynn

Caitlin Hagar

James Hussen

Colin Browne

Daniel O’Shea

Marnai Cimolai

Phyllis Ho

Lois Kay

Claire Sanford

Joan Wolfe


Deborah Clark

Natasha Broad

Anaïsa Visser

Phred White

Janina Schabig


Kristina Madsen

Jo-Ann Sullivan

Chris Anderson

Angela Welford


In Memory of Dorothy Driscoll

Joe Henderson

Petra Sevcik

Heather Armstrong

Dave Paoletta

Lindsay M. McKay


 And an extra big thanks to all our donors who’ve chosen to remain anonymous. Even though we can’t thank you publicly by name, know that we couldn’t do it without you.

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