FUNDRAISER 2013 IS NOW CLOSED! Thank you all so much for your support of our little project-we met our goal handily, as you can see below. We can always use additional funding, though (what non-profit can’t?), so if you are inclined to make a donation to support community filmmaking, you can click here to donate via Paypal.

On September 30, 2013, we (Ryder and Alexandra) are launching a fundraising campaign on the website Indiegogo*. Below is a brief introduction to what we’ve been up to since January, how much money we need, and how we intend to use that money.

The Canadian Frame(lines) project seeks to foster learning and discussion around the ideas of Canadian cultural identity throughcommunity engagement and film craft workshops. This project has given Canadians across the country a platform to share, in their own words and images, the stories that define themselves and our nation. We’ve aimed to connect with people from every walk of life: from the young to the old, Canadian-born people, indigenous people, immigrants, and anglo- and francophones. We have always striven to maintain a bias-free environment where all opinions and views are incorporated into a larger and more comprehensive total view of the country’s ideas.

So far, we have worked in 10  seperate communities: Pender Harbour, British Columbia; Cremona, Alberta; Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan; St. Stephen, New Brunswick; Tignish, Prince Edward Island; Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory; Tobermory, Ontario;  Baie Verte, Newfoundland; Seaforth, Nova Scotia; and Stanbridge East, Quebec. We will be working with 2 more communities before the end of the year, including Carman, Manitoba.


The main thrust of the Canadian Frame(lines) project is a series of film workshops in various communities. We instruct participants in the shooting and processing of black and white Super 8mm film. These workshops take place over approximately a two-week period, and include the following stages:

Developing - Ryder & Cody1. Education on the film camera and systems.

2. Participants shoot one cartridge of their own footage.

3. Participants, along with the facilitators, process this footage in our mobile darkroom.

4. A group screening is held of all of these films, along with a selection of films from previous workshops.

As a rule, we do not charge for our workshops or the materials involved. We partner with a group or organization in each community that provides us with space for us to conduct our workshops and a final screening.  Up to this point we have been able to not only conduct the workshops, but live (food, fuel, etc) off of personal savings and two fund-raising efforts we conducted in 2012. We didn’t raise as much as required to complete the project, but have worked hard to do more with less. Now, as the project nears its end, we require additional funds to complete it as intended.

Sharing Super8 with elementary students in Pender Harbour, British Columbia

Sharing Super8 with elementary students in Pender Harbour, British Columbia

But we don’t want the project to end when we get back to Vancouver. It wouldn’t be right to let these wonderful films languish in a box in a closet somewhere! Our primary display model is intended to take shape in the form of a gallery exhibition in which all of the films will be displayed on twelve projection screens (each community will have its own). The films will repeat after they finish, so a visitor to the exhibit can walk through the films at his or her own pace. Besides showing the films, we have been collecting ambient local sounds that will be collaged into a soundscape to accompany the picture. Ideally, visiting the exhibition will be like taking an audiovisual tour of Canada through the experiences and viewpoints of other people! The show will be set up in Vancouver to begin with (we already have relationships with venue managers there), but once we are able to document it, we hope to be able to take it on the road.

Amount Needed: $10,842

Here is a breakdown of how we will spend the required funds:

$178 Preparation of films for digitization (AlphaCine)

$3,550 $1/ft of film Digitization of Films (Lightpress)

$60 Participant DVD Production

$150 Participant DVD Shipping

$4,800 = $400 x 12 – 12 mini projectors*

$420 = $35 x 12 – 12 high capacity (32gb) sd cards* Rental = 39/day (cheapest we could find BY FAR in Vancouver)

$150 Printing of gallery materials

$800 Perks

Sub-Total =     $10108.00

Indiegogo Fees (we’re assuming we’re reaching our goal!)

+ $405 = 4% Indiegogo’s cut

+ $304 = 3% CreditCard Processing Fees

+ $25 ‘Wire Fee’ for being located outside the U.S.A.

Grand Total = $10,842.

*We are buying the 12 projectors because it is actually more cost effective than renting the same projectors and cards.

Some of these budget items might seem a little strange. Film digitization? Mini projectors? Haven’t we already been showing the films the old-fashioned way? The answer is that we will need to transfer the film from its current analog, physical state to a digital video file in order to guarantee its long-term viability. Super 8 is a fragile format, and the films we are showing are the originals–if anything were to happen to them, they would not be able to be replaced. Converting them to video will also ensure that they are viewable by YOU, because you probably don’t have a Super 8 projector at home (or do you?).

We have budgeted for 12 mini (or “pico”) projectors for a couple of reasons. First and foremost is that renting standard video projectors for the expected two week run of the initial exhibition would cost more than buying these mini projectors outright–and once we’ve bought them, we can put on the exhibition as many more times as we want and/or are able to! Secondly, the mini projectors we are looking at have the advantage of being able to play back video files directly off of SD cards internally, eliminating the need for us to buy or rent 12 DVD players or other playback devices. It’s a sizeable capital investment, but it will pay for itself pretty quickly.

Obviously, if you feel that you can donate we would greatly appreciate it, but there are a few other ways you can also help us out.

Fundraiser 2012

Chris Lennox-Aasen teaching kids about film on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC

We need to spread the word as widely as possible, so we would greatly appreciate it if you would tell people about the campaign on your Facebook and/or Twitter and/or email and/or in person. Linking to our campaign on Indiegogo and visiting that page as much as possible (we will reward you with continuously updated content, of course!) will also help us to reach the “front page” of Indiegogo and be promoted as their Campaign of the Day, a title we achieved in our last fundraiser. Additionally, we hope that you had a good experience with the project, and we would be thrilled if you would write a short testimonial about it for us. Please get in touch with us if you want to discuss specific ways of promoting the campaign.

If you do plan on donating, please do so within the first week (September 30 – October 6) of the fundraiser rather than waiting until the last minute. Not only does this make things less stressful for us, it also encourages people who have never met us, or worked with the project — but think it is a good idea — to donate. Studies of online fundraisers show that people with no connection to a project are more willing to donate once a project has reached 30% of it’s total funding goal, and that their willingness to donate increases the closer a project is to reaching it’s final funding goal — Everyone wants to be a part of a successful campaign.

*Indiegogo is an online crowdfunding platform much like Kickstarter which allows for many interested followers of a certain initiative to donate small amounts of money to a project as opposed to the traditional fundraising model that depends on the large donations of a handful of wealthy benefactors. It accepts Paypal/credit cards for transactions and donations can be of any amount. The site is organized around the social media model, and interacts regularly with Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and other online resources. Indiegogo tracks many characteristics of each campaign, and one can gain promotion through the site by increased interaction with their followers.


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