Fundraiser 2013 is a GO!

It’s September 30, 2013, which means today is the day we launch our Indiegogo fundraising campaign! We’ve got a lot of money to raise and only 30 days to do it so we can use all the help we can get. To celebrate the launch of the fundraiser the two of us put together a bit of a kooky launch video that we’ve included below – please share it around to help us spread the word!

If you plan to donate, please do so as early as possible; studies show that crowdfunding campaigns only start to move outside of the fundraisers immediate contact circles once 30% of the total goal has been reached. Since our campaign is only 30 days long, we really need to raise that 30% (or $3,250) THIS WEEK.

Ways you can help that don’t take any money

Share our campaign on Facebook
Share our campaign on Twitter using #fundfilm2013
Like, Comment, Retweet!
Leave a comment on our Indiegogo Campaign Page
Put up these posters around your community
Send an email about our campaign to your friends & family
Write an article about us on your blog (We LOVE interviews!)

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