Fundraiser 2013 Day 3

This evening we had a fantastic turnout to our 2nd workshop in the town of Stanbridge East, QC. We are really fortunate that a couple of the participants had their own working super8 cameras because with all this interest we might have had a hard time keeping up! Probably the coolest thing about this workshop is that the local museum archivist Judy allowed us to borrow some Daguerreotype, Tintype, & Ambrotype photographs from the 1840s-60s.  They are beautiful. I think it added a lot to our presentation for people to see what these early photographs (printed on metal!) look like in real life as opposed to professionally scanned archival images we use as a part of our powerpoint.

Stanbridge East-20131002-00468

Stanbridge East-20131002-00469

Stanbridge East-20131002-00470

Stanbridge East-20131002-00471


Raised Today: $145

Fundraiser to Date: $3,505 (32% of our goal)

Total Remaining: $7,337

Since our fundraiser has been off to a good start we decided to challenge ourselves (and all of you) to reach $5,000 by Monday. If we can do that we will have raised nearly 1/2 our goal during our first week! If you are thinking “But I want to wait until closer to the end of the fundraiser to push you guys ‘over the edge’…” a word of caution. As nice of a sentiment as that is, seeing the donations of others (aka peer pressure) is one of the strongest forces that can encourage someone thinking about donating to actually take the last step and pledge money. Also, if not very many people have donated, it is easy for someone unfamiliar with Canadian Frame(lines) to think that not many people support the idea of the project – AND if no one else supports it, Why should I?! So even if you can only donate a couple of dollars your donation works twofold: it helps push us closer to our fundraising goal AND it encourages other people to donate. Everyone wants to be a part of a winning campaign; help show the world that Canadian Frame(lines) is a winner by making a small donation and encouraging your friends to do the same.




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