Fund-raiser Update Day 34

It’s hard to remember what day of the fundraiser it is now that it’s not July :(

But what it’s not hard to remember is that we are ONE (1!) day away from opening up at the Pirates in the Park section of White Rock’s Spirit of the Sea festival! We’re looking forward to getting out and talking to people face-to-face again…the internet is a great tool but we can sometimes get to feeling pretty isolated here tapping away on our computers. These events are what it’s all about, anyway: inspiring people, especially kids, about the magic of the motion picture and showing people that there is so much more to a moving image than what is contained within the bounds of “the movies.”

We’ll be bringing you many more updates live from the festival, but until then, it’s back to preparations!

Day 34 Totals:

101 IndieGoGo Donations

$4,921.00 Online Donations
$ 505.17 Cash Donations
$5,426.17 Total Donations

We still need to raise $24,573.83

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