Fund-raiser Update Day 28

It’s a weird thing, but nice days are trouble for people in our business! Today was no exception–in Vancouver it was a beautiful 20 degrees, sunny, and a perfect lead up for the first night of the Celebration of Light Fireworks Festival. All of those things are wonderful, but they also mean that people aren’t at their computers! So we’ve had a little bit running today, but for the most part our attentions are elsewhere.

Specifically, we’re getting prepped for White Rock’s Spirit of the Sea Festival, coming up next weekend! We had a meeting recently with Heather Crawford, aka Cap’n Korki, who is organizing our area for the festival, and that was wonderful. Semiahmoo Park, park of the original Semiahmoo First Nation, is a lovely area on the water at the end of White Rock’s East Beach. In addition to our exhibit, there will be a salmon barbeque, a mini donut vendor, kids tennis, and much more!

We’ve also got a new video with our friend Kristin. She’s got some good observations, particularly about school kids and Canadian identity. Stay tuned for some bus updates tomorrow!

Day 28 Totals

93 IndieGoGo Donations
$4,501.00 Online Donations
$ 305.17 Cash Donations
$4,806.17 Total Donations

We still need to raise $25,193.83

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