Fund-raiser Day 9

Today is July 9th — The 9th day of our fund-raising campaign!

First off, a HUGE ‘Thank you!’ is due to Ace Dixon who, at around lunch time today, made the donation that pushed us over $3,000 on IndieGoGo. This means we’ve made it past the 10% mark which was our first major hurtle.

The next hurtle is 30% — The VAST majority of campaigns that reach the 30% funding mark will reach 100% funding before the end of their campaign. The sooner the better!

Since we have 2 radio spots and a newspaper article coming out in the next 2 weeks, the next area we are going after is television.  If you want to see our story on TV, please write, email, facebook and tweet at your favourite station telling them so.  Send along links to our website, facebook or youtube, whatever excites you most!

If you have any other ideas about people we should talk to in order to get our story out there, or have questions about what to say or how to contact the media let us know by emailing us at We try to respond within 24 hours to all queries.

Day 9 Totals

34 IndieGoGo Donations
$3,257.00 Online Donations
$ 170.17 Cash Donations
$3,527.17 Total Donations

We still need to raise $26,427.83

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