Fund-raiser Day 6

It’s the end of day 6 for the Canadian Frame(lines) fund-raiser and I feel… a lot of things… a whole range on emotions.

I feel happy that we have some press coming up.

I feel anxious that the donations haven’t been coming in as fast as I’d (naively?) hoped.

I feel sick every time I write an email to a newsperson or media personality that I respect and admire and then don’t hear back from them.

I feel proud when I think about what our project is really going to do – share Canadian stories with the world, and help to shape the discussion around who we, the Canadian people, want to be as we move into the future.

I feel thankful to know such wonderful people who are supporting us and emailing, calling and texting with ideas about how we could attract more attention and donations.

Mostly though, I feel tired – 6 down, 39 to go.

Day 6 Totals

23 IndieGoGo Donations
$2,382.00 Online Donations
$ 170.17 Cash Donations
$2,552.17 Total Donations

We still need to raise $27,448.83

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