Fund-raiser Day 5

Today we got some really great news! First, Alex Browne – the arts reporter for The Peace Arch News (a community newspaper for South Surrey/White Rock) called us and did an interview with Alex about the project. (He also said the material we sent him was very extensive and helpful, so that made us really proud). The paper is published every Wednesday and Saturday so we expect it to be out in the next week or so.

As soon as she hung up from that call, Alex received an email on her blackberry from The Zone 91.3FM in Victoria saying that they want to set up an interview with us during their morning show with Dylan Willows. We are still ironing out details but it sounds like it would air the week of July 15th!

This upcoming press should help us spread the word much wider, but when people who see us in the paper or hear us on the radio visit our IndieGoGo page we want them to have confidence that our project will go through and meet it’s target. If they believe that we will be successful then they will want to be a part of that success and will donate — which in turn will secure our success. (It’s a bit of a circle, but I promise that makes sense).

In this next week we do need to bring our numbers up. If you aren’t planning on donating because you can’t donate much, don’t be silly. If 100 don’t donate because they feel bad only giving $10, our project would lose out on $1,000. So please, give whatever you can, and spread the word wide and often.

On average, a person will engage with a campaign (through website visits, Facebook posts, tweets etc.) 6 times before they actually donate. If you’ve posted to your Facebook once, please consider posting again, or changing your profile picture to one of the Canadian Frame(lines) profile pictures (with messages like: Support Canadian Stories) through our page:

Day 5 Totals

19 IndieGoGo Donations
$2,197.00 Online Donations
$ 170.17 Cash Donations
$2,367.17 Total Donations

We still need to raise $27,632.83

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