Fund-raiser day 4

Welcome, and Happy 4th of July to our friends and readers south of the border. It is now the 4th day of our fundraising campaign and we are getting some fun stuff together for you:

1. Facebook Profile Picture. We’ve designed 3 Facebook profile pictures that you can use to show your support. Simply go to our Facebook Page tag yourself in the picture you would like to use as your profile, and then set it as your profile picture. Keep it as your profile picture until August 15th – when our campaign wraps up. Tag your friends in the pictures and encourage them to make it their profile picture as well.

2. Printable Posters. Click here for an easily printanle PDF that you can put up at your home, office, or around town.

3. More interviews. More stories. More art. We are amassing more and more content to share with you, but we still want to hear from as many voices as possible please visit ourfor more information on how you can get involved.

Day  Totals

16 IndieGoGo Donations
$2,151 Online Donations
$170.17 Cash Donations
$2,221.17 Total Donations

We still need to raise $27,778.83

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