Fund-raiser Day 22 (+ Weekly “Video” Update)

This week Ryder and I were unable to put together a video update. As mentioned previously, Ryder is currently in New Mexico looking after his ill (but recovering) father. What we were able to do though, is have a good old fashioned chat on the telephone and pretend as though we were doing a weekly video update. It went a little something like this:

Alex: Hello and welcome to Weekly Video Update number 30! It is Sunday, July 22nd and I’m your host Alex Caulfield.

Ryder: And I’m Ryder White.

Alex: We’ve had a bit of an unexpected week this week. Well, not that we didn’t think this week would happen, but some unusual things did happen; some good and some not so good.

Ryder: Yes indeed. My father, who lives in my home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico, went to hospital this week with an acute kidney ailment. His symptoms, while serious, were treatable, and now he is slowly recuperating. Essentially the treatment involves flushing his system with as much fluid as possible, and since I’m able to keep up with the campaign from anywhere thanks to the glory of the internet, I flew down to give him a hand. So…yeah. It’s hot here.

Alex: Now, on to some good news! The first good news we had this week was that IndieGoGo featured our campaign on their homepage. This was in large part due to how awesome everyone was on Tuesday working towards our 100 donations of $1. In the end we only received 25 donations that day but the vast, vast majority of those were over $1.

Ryder: The other really great news we just received today, and that is: Canadian Frame(lines) will be featured as the campaign of the day on Twitter this Wednesday July 25. It is really important that our campaign looks super active when this happens as a way to encourage strangers to donate – people want to donate to something they believe will be successful.

Alex: I know we are always asking for your help and you may feel like a) “I already gave you guys all I can afford” or b) “I can’t really afford to donate right now” and that’s okay. All we are asking is for you to go to the comments section on our campaign page and leave us some words of encouragement and support for our project.

Ryder: Spreading the word is huge part of this. We know most of you are exhausted with our messages, but rest assured that most of what we’re trying to do is break outside of our own networks and reach people we don’t know. The more we share the Canadian Frame(lines) links and content, the easier it’ll be! Also, my fellow Frameliners back in Vancouver were nice enough to offer me a gift of achieving $5000 on our campaign, but they still need your help. I have to admit that it’s been kind of rough down here and I would like to have such a nice present on my return!

Alex: Finally, please keep talking about Canadian Frame(lines). The average funder has to be confronted with a campaign 6 or 7 times before they actually donate, so help us put it out there!

Stay tuned especially closely during this week when we’ll be revealing some exciting news! Thanks for bearing with us during this crazy time.

Lots of love,

Alex & Ryder

We want to boost our social media numbers this week. Right now we’re at:

Facebook: 215 likes
Twitter: 214 likes

Day 22 Totals

81 IndieGoGo Donations
$4,152.00 Online Donations
$ 285.17 Cash Donations
$4,437.17 Total Donations

We still need to raise $25,663.83

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