Fund-raiser Day 21

Wow! I can’t believe we’ve been at this for 3 weeks already! That is insane.

We passed some milestones today:
We currently have 211 Likes on Facebook, and 210 followers on Twitter! We need an many people to know about this project as possible, so please keep spreading the word to everyone you know!

One thing we’ve found a little difficult over these past 3 weeks is that while the core of our message is always the same, we have to find some new and exciting ways to share it with people so that 1. they are excited and 2. we don’t fall asleep while writing it. I hope we have managed to be a little entertaining and bring some fun things in with our stories.  One tactic that worked really well for us, but I don’t advise was getting frustrated and losing it a little on some friends who hadn’t been vocal/public about their support of the project, even though they have supported it in our own private conversations… if you aren’t someone who’s friends are already aware of your volatile personality, this tactic is probably not for you as you will likely lose more friends than you will gain ‘likes’, ‘follows’ or donations.

Day 20 Totals

79 IndieGoGo Donations
$4,117.00 Online Donations
$ 285.17 Cash Donations
$4,402.17 Total Donations

We still need to raise $25,597.83

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