Fund-raiser Day 2

The second day of our fund-raiser is wrapping up and we’ve already accomplished several things.

On a purely monetary level we have raised $1,900 on and $170.17 in cash donations for a grand total of $2,070.17 or 6.9% of our goal of $30,000.

More importantly though, we’re starting to reach out to people and they are reaching out even further. On this, the first full day of the campaign we had 32 referred visits to our page – visits that come from when our friends and family post about our project on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and then their friends and family follow the link. But we need more.

As much as we appreciate the time they’ve volunteered, and the emotional (and monetary) support our friends and family have provided, in order to reach our goal, we will have to inspire many complete strangers to believe in the merit of our project and believe in us. Believe that we are the people to facilitate the making and sharing of these truly Canadian stories.

However, in order to inspire people they must first be able to see us. As great as word of mouth is, being on the front page of gives projects a huge boost in funding and stranger support. How do we get on the front page of Indiegogo? It is simple and complicated all at once.

Indiegogo has their own algorithm (a complex mathematical equation) that considers many different factors and that they have cutely titled the ‘GoGo Factor’. Some of these factors we have at least partial control over, including how fully our profiles are filled out, how many photos, videos and documents we have uploaded and how often we put updates on our page. We’ve worked hard and set up a plan to ensure that our end is as active and as exciting as it can be, but there are some areas we do not have control over and in these areas we’re asking for your help:

1. Total page visits – visit our donation page daily (even if you can’t donate)

2. Total number of donations (even if they are small) – if two campaigns raise $5,000, and one of the campaigns received 20 donations to get there, while the other needed 50, the campaign with 50 donations would have a higher ‘GoGo Factor’. Consider breaking your donation up into a few smaller chunks, keep in mind that rewards for donations are transferable – you can give ticket rewards to friends/family etc.

3. Number of referrals – share links to our fundraising campaign from the share area of our IndieGoGo page (apparently it makes a difference if you are signed in as a member of the IndieGoGo website, it is free and simple to join and would increase our ‘GoGo Factor’).

4. Number of comments – on our IndieGoGo page there is a tab titled ‘comments’ where, you guessed it, you can leave us a comment. Notes about what this project means to you and words of encouragement are always appreciated and they will help our ‘GoGo Factor’.

As always, any and all help is greatly appreciated. We couldn’t make this project without all of you and the love and support you have shown us.

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