Fund-raiser Day 18

Fund-raiser Day 18

Today there was a whole lot of goings on in the Frame(lines) world.  This morning I met with Andrew Westlund from Apex Wireless and as a result of this meeting I have a really exciting announcement which I will make at midnight tonight via this website so keep your eyes peeled!

On a much less happy note, the reason we have been so absent from our online platforms today is that I drove Ryder to the Seattle SeaTac airport this afternoon. He is taking a flight to Albuquerque, New Mexico where his father has taken ill.  We would both really appreciate it if you could send all of your love and positive thoughts to Ryder’s father Jeff to aid him in a speedy recovery.

Day 18 Totals

68 IndieGoGo Donations
$3,996.00 Online Donations
$ 285.17 Cash Donations
$4,281.17 Total Donations

We still need to raise $25,718.83

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