Fund-raiser Day 16

This update is coming a day late as Ryder and I had a whole lot going on yesterday. We visited a friend of ours late in the evening at UBC hospital. Don’t worry, she is recovering very well so far and was in remarkable spirits last night. However, that, along with some other family illnesses recently left us feeling drained last night.

We did get up to some exciting Frame(lines) business though, and I want to let you in on all of it.

First, we talked to Dylan Willows from The Zone 91.3FM in Victoria. It was crazy to pre-record a radio interview with someone that we listen to on a regular basis. He was super awesome and seemed genuinely excited about the project, so we really hope that this gives us a bit of a boost in hits and donations.  In the afternoon we recorded interview with the boys from Anchoress. It was a whole lot of fun to hang out in their jam space and talk about what Canada and being a Canadian band means to them.

We also got a call from the office of a local MP. We spoke with one of the aids and she said that she thought the project was a great idea and that she would bring the idea of an interview of with the MP — I’m not going to say who it is, lest I jinx something! But, hopefully we will be able to set something up soon.

I know that yeserday I said the Anchoress interview would be up today, but with the family issues et al, we won’t be able to get it up until late tonight at the earliest.

Thanks for all your love and support!


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