Fund-raiser Day 13

Lucky 13!

Alex and I celebrated this second Friday the 13th of the year with dinner at a friend’s house in Vancouver. This house is right across from Mountainview Cemetery, and while it’s somewhat of a morbid thought, I couldn’t help but be glad of the stunning sunset across the monuments looking west out across the city. It was one of those moments that I felt the immensity of this country, clinging to the edge such as we are here in BC.

One of the things that has been so hard about this campaign is that everyone (us included) wants to be out in the beautiful summer weather and not inside on their computers spreading the word about Canadian Frame(lines)!

But I think we are doing pretty well, taking time everyday to ask ourselves “What is going well?” and “What are we doing this for?” It’s different everyday, but today, I’m remembering (with the help of my mother) the boy at our Canada Day exhibit who put the pieces together: “Is this why they call a movie a film?”

I worry that we are soon going to encounter a generation that is unsustainably self-insufficient. While news of the resurgence of a marginal amount of handcrafts and skills have been making a few headlines, the fact remains that so many of my generation can’t frame a corner with a hammer and nails. Many are scared of power saws. Beyond construction, a lot of people I know can’t sew a button or cook a fresh dinner.

Our way of living in North America permits these deep clefts in our essential knowledge, but such support systems may not always be in place. Sustaining yourself is vital, though the extents to which that is taken may vary.

So what’s the best way to dispel the aversion to working with one’s hands? I think we should give something that has been at the helm of the cultural paradigm shifting machinery for the past century: the movies. Or as my little friend might now say: “films.”

This change is always incremental and gradual. Groups all over the place are working on similar initiatives. But Canadian Frame(lines) is unique in that it maintains a very cerebral component (Canadian identity) in concert with its fundamental focus on craft.

That’s it for today. Day 13 totals:

41 IndieGoGo Donations
$3,457.00 Online Donations
$ 170.17 Cash Donations
$3,627.17 Total Donations

We still need to raise $26,372.83

What makes your work worthwhile?

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