Dailies: Weekend Update February 23-24 2013

*Programming Note* Weekend Dailies will be released as a Sunday night two-day update owing to the preponderance of Saturday night obligations we usually have. Thanks for understanding!


Okay, so even though Saturday is a weekend day, we decided to get up early because the restaurant at the Cremona Hotel has homemade Hollandaise sauce and SOMEONE in Canadian Frame(lines) loves eggs benedict. Sometimes this sauce sells out and it can be heartbreaking. The staff there are very friendly and quick with the coffee refills–always a plus.

naturetrailThere was even more footage to be gathered for our Cremona intro video (ooh, it’s so close), so Alexandra and I drove around town and out to Water Valley picking up our remaining pieces. The Nature Trail was a highlight…as you’ll see, the town has converted to former railway turnaround into a walking path with trees.

After we returned home, Cody Jensen came over to look at some of his footage. There must have been a camera malfunction or something because there is a strip of his film that is all black. This is part of this image-making process, albeit a sad one: if you keep at it you will eventually shoot a film that gets destroyed by a technical mishap. So we tried to strategize with just three days left until the screening. Happily, Cody was free on Sunday, so we were able to get out to his place and help him get some of his shots again. (In fairness, he didn’t really need our help–it was mostly shot by the time we got there today!) We got to meet his friendly Percheron horses: Anna, CJ, and JC, the latter of whom nuzzled Alexandra almost off her feet. These horses are HUGE. They are to our heads at the shoulder, and we are not short people. Jet black, too. Made a good shot against the white, snowy field. The three of us headed straight over to the Cremona School darkroom thereafter where the images came out stellar, just as expected.

Gail Cummings had been trying for some time to get us out to see her daughter Shelby do some trick riding. Shelby has been trick riding for years, and performs all over Canada and the U.S. in rodeo season. But she and her horses have to stay in shape over the winter, and though they have a bit of land, her tricks must be performed in a real arena to maximize safety. We’ve seen a lot of pictures of Shelby’s riding but never in person so it was very fortuitous that it was able to happen this weekend.

They brought three horses with them when they came: Willard, who is slower but dead calm; Peppi, who is quite fast; and Steele. Steele is typically very calm, but apparently he’s not too used to riding in the trailer so when they arrived he was pretty worked up. Gail and Shelby got the horses outfitted and dressed, which is an affair in itself (Gail even got some LED ribbon for Peppi’s front), and we made our way into the arena. Shelby showed off a shelbyshoulderstandcouple of her tricks for us, and Gail was telling us the names. I can’t remember any of them but I couldn’t believe how Shelby was flinging herself around that horse. There was one trick where she jumps off onto the ground and then back on without breaking pace. Incredible. These horses are amazingly good at what they do, too…they accelerate almost instantly around the bend and into the trick and they can stop on a dime. But it comes at a price…Willard and Peppi were each able to do about six rounds before they were tired.

One of Shelby’s tricks involves standing on a horse with her feet in the saddle straps. When she does it, of course, the horse is moving, but they thought we could have a go at it with Willard standing still. I got on first, and stood up there with Shelby’s sequined Canadian flag and tried not to look extremely terrified (I may have failed). Alexandra showed me up; even with a cast on, she looked like a natural.

_MG_2737We were able to get out to Alice Laine’s place and, at long last, see the famous orange tree of Cremona. Not to be confused with a tree that would bear orange fruits, this orange tree is, in fact, a tree painted orange. Why? Well, that’s just all part of the fun.

Alice had also graciously acquired tickets for us to attend the Old Tyme Dance at the Water Valley Community Hall. Mick Lewis, a local clarinetist and remote control airplane enthusiast, was playing some good old-fashioned big band style tunes, and we sat around talking stories, enjoying the music, and dancing at intervals. We met Norma, a wonderful 92-year-old lady from Cremona who was there with her daughter and granddaughter. Norma carries no fewer than 3 harmonicas in her purse at any one time, and she told us that when she was a kid, she would play them to accompany her violinist brother at local dances. For a soft spoken person, Norma can really play…whenever the band would stop, we would get to hear another of her tunes on the harmonica! It was a fabulous evening and we were very glad to be able to go.



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  • You really aren’t going to tell how the tree got orange? That not fair.

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