Dailies: September 16, 2013

Phew! We’ve been doing quite a lot of travelling around the area in the last day or so. Alexandra’s mother, Debbie, arrived from Vancouver to visit us for a week, and with the benefit of a smaller and more maneuverable conveyance we are happy to explore a bit.

One thing we haven’t had much trouble with as a result of our more traditional method of travel is jet lag. It’s hard to appreciate the practical effects of jumping four hours ahead until you see it from the outside. But it does bring back into mind the fact that this country spans approximately an eighth of the earth’s circumference (if you assume that the earth is a sphere, which it’s not, but whatever). That there are any uniting cultural themes between its sparse communities is a near miracle in and of itself.

1236683_10151573337352282_2051007924_nWith our participants out filming, we had a more urban-centred day today. One of our contacts here had been kind enough to pass along our information to a friend of hers at Global TV Halifax, which picked up on our story for one of their morning shows this week. After the show went off the air at 9am, we were interviewed by the host, Crystal Garrett. It’s always hard to dig deeper than surface qualities of the project in 5 minutes of airtime (30 minutes of radio hasn’t even been enough for us in the past), but we had some good exchanges with her and hopefully we’ll get to be back to do more. Crystal also said something kind of interesting afterwards as we were wrapping up about the time limitation. To paraphrase: “it’s just that what you’re doing is so complex, and people aren’t aware of it, so it needs to be set up.” I guess we just have to keep plugging at it until that stuff gets out of the way!

Still, the enthusiasm of people like Crystal for the medium and for alternative strategies of cinema and motion picture viewership gives me hope. It is very easy to get bogged down in the well-pressed mold of mainstream media, but climbing the edges always yields a view of surprising and different things, always hovering just outside of the centre of our vision. I feel that we have accomplished a lot on this trip as far as working out new ways for people to be involved with motion pictures, but we have also become aware that we are collaborators in a much larger process of making work by people, for people. And in the process of thinking innovatively, if I may flatter us for a moment.

We wandered around downtown Halifax for a while, but decided to return home for a while to take shelter from the chilly breeze. Debbie is renting a cottage in Three Fathom Harbour, just down the road from Seaforth, and the owners have not even been by yet. Two days ago, when she arrived, they said they would try to come down but that we should let ourselves in and find the door key on the kitchen table. It’s been fine, great accommodations, but it is funny to think of the trust people have here.

But we had to return to the city in the evening. As it turns out, Indiegogo (with whom we are hosting our Fundraiser starting in UNDER TWO WEEKS) is kicking off a series of country-wide meetups in Canada (presumably to celebrate the fact that they now accept donations made in our currency). The first, as I found out by email, was being held tonight in Halifax! So we got tickets and went down there. It was an informal mingling-type situation, and though we couldn’t stay for all of that long we made friends with a couple of local filmmakers and with the presenter, who is a business documentarian from Toronto. It is amazing what people come up with!

The rain is lashing now, and tomorrow is supposed to have a high of 14 and a low of 4. Fall is definitely moving in with a vengeance…




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