Dailies: October 26, 2013

Happy Saturday from Winterpeg, Manisnowba!

Just kidding. It’s not snowing. And today was actually pretty nice. But we are in Winnipeg, and I wanted to have an opportunity to greet you like that, so I did it. It has snowed already, though, and a few days ago we were joking about “Winterpeg” with a woman in Carman. “Well,” she said with mock seriousness, “they do call it Manisnowba.” We are told by the locals, though, that this has been an unseasonably cold few weeks for this time of year. Some people say it’s supposed to get warmer next week, and some people say it’s going to snow again. It’s sort of a glass half full, glass half empty thing. But they do have this crazy weather phenomenon called “the lake effect.” Essentially, when extremely cold wind passes over the relative warmth and humidity of a lake at this time of year, it creates long ribbons of snow that can pound the lee side of the lake. A community on the lake shore might then have 25 centimetres, then, while a community 5km away would have only a dusting. Happily, Carman is not near any lakes so we have not had to deal with that.

Our eleventh workshop was held today, and for the first time in several months, we did not have to hold a secondary workshop to make it available to more people! We don’t mind holding more workshops, of course, but since we are working in Manitoba on a very tight schedule, it is nice to get moving right away. It looks like we’ll have at least seven projects here, further validating our theory that people are more available to participate in community projects when the weather is not so nice. But it was a very nice day, full of lively discussion, which is something we really appreciate. The first three cameras are out as we speak, and next weekend we are going to be doing a special workshop with some animation students from the local high school.

In other news, our fundraiser is very close to over! We’re thrilled to report that as we speak, we have received over $10k in donations and it looks very likely that we will be able to finish the project in fine form. That said, we still have about $800 to go and we will lose a big chunk of cash if we don’t make the goal, so we could use help now more than ever. Just three more days and we’ll get to stop pestering you, which will be a nice break for everyone, I think :) But rest assured that our persistence stems simply from our devotion to our participants and their devotion to our project. To donate or otherwise get involved, you can click this entire sentence, which is a link.

Alexandra’s second cousin Sandi and her husband Rob loaned us an old car of theirs, so we are a little bit mobile now. Perhaps we’ll get to show you a bit more of the countryside while we’re here. I’ve already seen two of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve seen in a long time since we’ve been in Carman.



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