Dailies: October 13, 2013

10/12. With last night’s screening here in Stanbridge East, we have officially completed ten communities in the Canadian Frame(lines) project. From here, we move westward to the Manitoba town of Carman, and then thereafter on to British Columbia!

First of all, we must apologize for the radio silence. As I’m sure you’re aware if you follow us, we have been working on a secondary fundraising campaign in order to get the money needed to finalize our project and put on the exhibition. For more information and updates about that, you can visit our Indiegogo page  – as of this writing, we are at nearly half of our goal! Woo! So that’s where we have been spending almost all of our time.

SE_screening_fr3But the screening last night was fantastic. We held it at the Stanbridge East Community Centre, which is the former French school in which we have held all of our workshops and behind which we have been parked for the past couple of weeks. We debated for a while whether to have it in the big main room or in one of the smaller rooms. It was, after all, to be held on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, so we thought attendance might be lower – but on the other hand, we had heard about fairly significant interest in the community. In the end, we opted for he main room. It turned out to be a good thing. By the time everyone was settled for the event, there were over fifty people in the room! A lot of the credit for that has to go to our liaison Pam, who suggested to the town council that they sponsor a bulk mailing to over 300 addresses within the Stanbridge East postal code. So everyone got a little paper flyer, and that helped enormously. You can’t beat getting ’em where they live.

We had six films and all of them were wonderful in their own rights. Since we wanted to expedite the screening, we didn’t have a long talk at the beginning and instead suggested that interested people hang around afterwards and talk to us and have coffee. It was a great social atmosphere, and later some of the people helping us to facilitate it told us that some people came who rarely leave their houses. That’s a wonderful thing to hear.

It’ll be sad when we leave Quebec, as it almost always is when we leave a community. We’ve made some great friends here (many of whom have graciously invited us to dinner, or brought us snacks), and the weather has truly spoiled us. We have a couple of days left before we leave on Tuesday morning, and in that time we have two Thanksgiving dinners to attend. We’ll roll to Manitoba, for sure.

Stay tuned for more updates from the road as we march westward. Happy Thanksgiving, all!



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