Dailies: May 6, 2013

We woke up this morning to an absolutely beautiful day, sunny and not too much wind. I spent the early part of the morning doing the less glamourous work of being a filmmaker — sending emails. I don’t mind doing the “office work” — I was an office manager for almost 6 years while I was in University and then preparing for this project. But sometimes I’d feel guilty, I’d think “Why are you doing paperwork? You need to be doing more creative things. CREATE!!!” Recently though, I’ve become at peace with all this emailing. It’s mostly thanks to my friend Caitlin who sent me a link to this article in Spinner Canada about Canadian band Metric, highlighting the following quote from lead singer Emily Haines about what being Metric is like.

I hope it serves as an inspiration for people — but I also hope people realize how much work it is. It’s a 24-hour thing. It’s a lot of f***ing email, really… I’m actually trying to stop and just be in the moment and feel good about it.

So we must be on the right track. 😉

At 10am we walked around to the different local businesses, talked to the people working there about our project and put up posters for Wednesday night’s Info-Session. As has always been the case in Tignish, everyone was really welcoming and kind — some people said they had even heard about the project on Facebook, so we’re hoping for a good turn out on Wednesday evening. 7:00pm at the Heritage Inn.

We touched base with our contact Kim and she gave us some contact information for a teacher at the local high school and someone involved in the town’s drama club. The more ways to spread the word, the better.  Then we decided to tour the town’s museum — it isn’t technically open yet, but they were kind enough to let us wander through it and learn about the history of the community. As we neared the end of the small but jam-packed museum a man came over and introduced himself to us.  It was Hal Perry, the MLA for District #27 Tignish-Palmer Road. He offered to help us get in contact with some local historians and interesting figures as he was raised in Tignish and (especially being their MLA) seems to know everyone.

Ryder and I headed back to the bus, spent another hour or so on the business of filmmaking before we decided to ‘take a break’ and work on rehabilitating our bicycles after a long winter being hauled across Canada. As of writing this, Ryder’s bike is in tip-top shape, save for needing a little more air in the tires but that is easy enough to come by. My bike on the other hand needs a new rear brake cable and new rear derailleur cable as well. Thankfully, there is a bike shop in town so we should be able to get that done pretty quick.

In the early evening, Hal Perry came by and offered to give us a quick tour around the area. Since he knew we were only really getting around by bike he thought it would be useful for us to get a bit of the lay of the land and decide where we might want to bike to in terms of exploring and seeing outside the town centre. We drove around for about an hour and a half and Hal told us a little bit about all the different areas in his district, and how it has changed since he was growing up.  It was really great to get a local perspective on things, and we’re hoping he’ll come out for our workshop on Saturday too.




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