Dailies: March 9-10, 2013

This weekend featured the third filmmaking workshop of the project, this time in Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan. We’ve been here in Gravelbourg for just over a week and were really excited to get going on making some films.

Saturday morning we headed down to the Centre Cuturel Maillard and set up for the Canadian Frame(lines) filmmaking workshop. There is no way around the fact that it is a long day, densely packed with as much information on filmmaking, history, and aesthetics as possible. That being said, we’re always trying to improve the workshop – making it as useful as possible without being a total information overload. On Saturday we added and extra stretch break which seemed to work well for our participants. One piece of feedback we got that I think we will incorporate into our next workshop is to spread the ‘hands-on’ part of our workshop throughout the day. We’ve been lucky to have a pretty good variety of participants throughout our project, and in Gravelbourg we’re picking up some more people from our most under represented demographic: 25-40 year-olds.

After packing up the workshop we got to have some fun. It was Daniel, one of our participants, birthday on Saturday and he kindly invited us to join him and his friends for a night of bowling. We went to the Gravelbowl and enjoyed a couple of rounds of 5-pin, including a game called ‘Bingo Bowling’ where a lane works as a team to try and fill their scorecard with a bunch of differnt possible scores – you need to score 2 points or 15 points or get a strike or a spare, a manner of possible score combinations. AND… Our team won! Which felt pretty good considering I had to bowl left handed since my right arm is still in a cast. Then, we all headed over to the ‘Wylee Coyote Bar and Grill’ for some drinks and ice cream cake. Ryder and I hadn’t really taken a night to just go out and have fun since a couple of months before we left for this trip… We ended up getting back to our bus about 3am.

This morning, Sunday, we had some breakfast and coffee and took a little while to read some of our favourite current affairs magazines. Then we sat down and got to work editing some videos and planning for next week.



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