Dailies: March 7, 2013

Today was Alexandra’s 25th birthday. She is a quarter of a century old! It was snowing this morning, the first time she’s ever had snow on her birthday. Obviously we knew when we set out that we would have our birthdays fall somewhere in the journey, but it was still strange to celebrate so far from home. Thanks to the glory of the computer age, however, friends and well-wishers are never all that far away.

We spent the morning kicking around the bus, reviewing the info session mentally and preparing for Saturday’s workshop at the Centre Culturel Maillard. With every workshop, we discover things that are working and things that aren’t, so we always need to revise. Spent a bit of time on that and then we headed over to Gravelbourg’s beautiful library to get some internet work done. Sadly, though, the internet was down over there, so we went to plug in at the town office where Guylaine works. We got a fair bit done and got to chat with Guylaine in the meantime, and we also learned a new word!799px-Drapeau_fransaskois A “Fransaskois” or “Fransaskoise” is a French Canadian Saskatchewaner. She explained to us that it’s a little bit different from a francophone – a francophone is someone who lives and breathes French inside and out, and a Fransaskois is usually a bilingual person who identifies with the French Canadian heritage. The Fransaskoises even have their own flag, which blends the Saskatchewan provincial colours of green and yellow with the French Canadian fleur-de-lis.

For a long time, we’ve been talking about trying to rehabilitate our French (both of us took it in high school), but we’ve dragged our feet. But having come face-to-face with our lack of bilingualism, we’ve resolved to give it a more serious try. Stay tuned for updates on our undoubtedly hilarious adventures into a second language.



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