Dailies: March 6, 2013

Argh! I am writing this post on my blackberry. Which means it will probably be full of errors and when I go back to a real computer I will badly overuse the shift key. Regardless! The show must go on.

The wind is rumbling over the bus like someone rolling a metal barrel on ice. Today we talked to students at the high school, who were very receptive and kind. Guylaine treated us to lunch at the Mayfair Inn and explained Gravelbourg’s regionally distinct bleu cheese dip. I went to refill one of our propane tanks, and on the walk back a man from the Bouvier clan (a huge family here) offered me a ride. Very kind!

We talked at the College Mathieu, a private French language boarding school here. That presentation started with the singing of “O Canada” in French. The school has a magnificent darkroom we can use! Guylaine took us to the Centre Culturel Maillard after where our Saturday workshop will be.

The evening involved our third info session, which was held at the theatre. We talked to a small but very enthusuastic group if folks, so saturday is indeed promising! We went for drinks with a handful of them afterwards and heard many more great stories. Can’t wait to tell you.



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  • So, a good thing to describe would be what you need to say in each info session. That way we could get a better sense of the actual process. Somewhere along the line it would be great to really know what you really do with the people who sign up. Just an idea.

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