Dailies: March 4, 2013

Last night’s storm was pretty intense. It was about the stormiest weather we’ve had on this trip so far, which is impressive, considering that we decided to take off across Canada in the middle of winter. As we said yesterday, there was snow all around when we pulled in to Gravelbourg, but the roads were still pretty clear. Late on Sunday, though, the weather whipped up a fearsome snowstorm with high velocity swirling winds. The snow here is so powdery and light that it makes drifts easily…last night Ryder went to the rink for five minutes and when he came back, his footsteps had disappeared. The winds rocked the bus all night long, and though disturbing at first, it came to be exciting (as soon as we realized we weren’t going to imminently tip over).

There was a drift around the bus when we got up this morning, and though it was still snowing somewhat, the ferocity of the storm had waned. We set off after our morning routines to see Guylaine at the Town Office. It’s a beautiful old former courthouse on Main Street just up from the Cathedral. It even has the Crest of Saskatchewan on all the doorknobs. We planned with Guylaine for a while, and then she took us up to the Post Office and then to the theatre, which is also under her oversight as Director of Culture, Sport, and Recreation. More about this theatre and its story will be coming in another update, but rest assured that it’s worth the anticipation. It is a very cool old space and we are excited to be able to screen in there.

We walked around a bit more and decided to have lunch at the Cafe Paris on Main Street, where we enjoyed some delicious paninis and house-made tomato soup. Thereafter, we walked up and down Main Street to put up posters to supplement the ones Guylaine had already put up. Everyone seems very responsive…here’s hoping we have a good turnout on Wednesday!

The snow having ceased completely, the plows were out and making quick work of the mounds of snow. We haven’t seen snow like this for years…giant piles everywhere you look. It’s kind of exciting for us! Since the sun was out, we went for a bit of a walk to stretch our legs and shoot some pictures. In the evening, we spent time communicating with other communities and developing another project. The fun never stops!



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