Dailies: March 28, 2013

This morning we woke up in Steinbach, Manitoba in a guest room at my Great Uncle Jake and Great Auntie Tina’s home. We had arrived late the evening before and after a quick snack had gone to bed. Today we were greeted with a big pot of hot coffee and some breakfast.

After breakfast, Auntie Tina took us to the Mennonite Heritage Village and Museum that she volunteers at and gave us a private tour. It was a cool way to learn about the heritage of the area, and interesting considering we had visited a Hutterite colony in Alberta and I learned that the Hutterites, Mennonites, and Amish all came out of the reformation of the Catholic Church and were based on a lot of the same principles. From the museum we took a quick tour around town and headed back to the house to have some lunch.

After lunch Ryder did some video editing for a little bit before the two of us went for a quick jaunt up to Winnipeg to pick up some new harddrives. By the time we returned it was just in time for supper. Another Great Uncle and Aunt of mine, Mike and Cecile, had come to join us. For context, Mike, Jake, and John (my maternal grandfather) are all brothers.

We had a lovely meal, followed by dessert and coffee, and the whole time was filled with wonderful stories of my family in times too long ago for me to know about. Even after Mike and Cecile headed home, the rest of us stayed up into the late evening chatting about our travels and adventures, and what we hoped would come next.



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