Dailies: March 25, 2013

Today was our last full day in Gravelbourg and it was absolutely beautiful out; sunny, maybe -10 for a high. Guylaine was very kind to help us bring all of our equipment back from the theatre by driving us in her van – otherwise we probably would have had to make 2 or 3 trips on foot which would take up a lot of time. We also had to get our development equipment out of the darkroom at College Mathieu and the arena – we’ve really sprawled out in our short time here.

In the afternoon we interviewed our new friend Dan about living in rural Saskatchewan, and after having dinner we went over to Erin’s place in Bateman (gorgeous house, Ryder and I are both jealous) and interviewed her as part of the same project. We got to hang out and listen to records and feel at home and settled – like taking a little vacation from our bus life.



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