Dailies: March 21 – 22, 2013

Thursday morning Ryder and I woke up to a blizzard. We also tried to fall asleep to a blizzard, which wasn’t easy as the wind was howling.  I got, at most, 3 hours of sleep.  But letthegoodtimesrolleven though the weather was awful, we had to bundle up and head outside because it was a very big day — I was getting my cast off! We bumbled our way across town (literally from the East edge all the way to the West edge), shook off the snow and had the wonderful nurse Janelle cut off my cast.  Dr. Koneys said it was looking good, but to be careful with it. I’m suppose to wear a tensor bandage for a few days to give it some extra support — the muscles are super weak right now so this is definitely a good idea.

After the hospital we walked about half-way back to our bus when we decided to celebrate by having lunch at Cafe Paris. Which was, as always, delicious.  On a whim we popped over to the Gravelbourg museum where we met Louis, who opened it up to let us explore. The collection was amassed primarily by Louis, the proprietor, himself, and is quite extensive! It includes a complete set of medical implements owned by the first doctor in town (terrifying) as well as veterans’ relics and 100-year-old photos. There is also an exhibit on the town’s old grain elevators (at one time there were 11, now there are two) which, as many know, are growing increasingly rare in the province where they once were core landmarks. The 98-year-old Western Elevator is slated to become Gravelbourg’s own “elevator museum.”

We spent some time working on a couple of articles for Contenders Magazine, which is run by our good friend Kyle.  I write a weekly roundup of obscure news, art, new music… whatever catches my fancy really, while Ryder has a couple of reoccuring series that include “Rules of the Road” that document some of our travels across Canada, and “The Been From Here” where Ryder reviews different ‘budget brews’ from every province we go to. I also chip in with my quippy one liners where I try to sum up my experience with the beer in one sassy sentence.

Friday morning we headed over to the Renaissance Gaity Theatre to check out a few things so that we would be ready to set up for the screening on Saturday.  After testing the projector, and discussing a few possible placement/seating options we recorded a little segment for our Gravelbourg video.  We also took a few minutes to revisit the old projection booth and get some footage of the 35mm film projectors — two of the oldest in Saskatchewan. We saw them on one of our first days in town, but had to take another look since we are leaving pretty soon – they are really beautiful machines.

Then we had lunch and headed back over to College Mathieu to work with our participants to process the last two films from Saskatchewan. Hopefully the snow lets up soon…as we heard an old lady on the radio say today, “people are going to talk about this winter like they did about ’55!”






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