Dailies: March 20, 2013

I just wrote a whole post and then my phone deleted it, so here’s the blow by blow:

-Saskatchewan’s weather systems did not pick up on the message that it is now spring. Still really cold, with wind gusts to 80 km/h and highs in the -teens. Driving is bad over much of the province.

-Alexandra’s cast did not come off, and although the doctor said that it was promising he had to have an xray and he was leaving to go to Lafleche because he is the only doctor for the area. We’ll go back tomorrow by which time he should have seen it.

-Spent rest of day processing. Chipped away at personal backlog and got through films from Nelson BC (2010), Chicago (2010), and shooting fire after watching all of Dog Star Man (2009). Shannie and Hera came to do their roll, then Marie.

-Now we are back at home. Spaghetti for dinner. Winds so hard they’re rocking the bus!



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