Dailies: March 18, 2013


Monday, Monday. Time is really flying by here; we’re already entering our last full week in Gravelbourg.

gravelpicWe had been planning to do some shooting for our Gravelbourg video over the weekend but the weather was so windy that we thought the audio track would have a large section of BUH-BUH-BB-BUH over my talking. I’ve never seen wind like this…sometimes it’s almost like it’s snowing sideways! But when we woke up today it was beautiful, sunny, and still (never mind that it was -23 as we were making breakfast and got up to a high of -12), so we decided to go get what we could.

Got a few shots and then we had scheduled our first processing time with Avery, one of our participants. I went to the darkroom to prep and Avery showed up. I explained the whole process to him (which is difficult when it’s been so long since the last processing session), and we got quickly to work. However, and this has happened once before, when Avery went to pull his film out into the first bath, the end broke off. Yikes! When this happened in Cremona I was able to go get a hammer and smash the cartridge open like we used to before we realized that wielding a heavy object in pitch darkness presented a safety risk. Photo on 13-03-18 at 7.06 PM #2Here I had no such luxury. Ultimately I ended up bashing the cartridge on the corner of the metal counter until I could pry the side of with my keys. Necessity is the mother of invention. The film came out superbly and I think Avery was pretty happy!


Later on, we went to the Cultural Centre to do some research for the next stages of the project and another one we’re developing. Stay tuned!



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