Dailies: March 16-17, 2013

Saturday marked two weeks since we arrived in Gravelbourg. Now, with only a little over a week left, we can’t believe how time flies! We’ve got a lot of crunching to do if we’re still going to see everything we need to here.

Gravelbourg-20130317-00174In the afternoon we went to the cultural centre and sent a bunch of correspondence to our contacts in New Brunswick, PEI, and Manitoba, as well some initial contact emails were sent to groups in Tobermory, Ontario that were suggested to us by our contact there. Next week we’ll have to start up talks again with our August and September communities to finalize dates and other arrangements for our stay. We’ve been so lucky to have such enthusiastic community contacts.

While we were working I had a bit of an epiphany about the long-form documentary that will come out of this project (I’m going to keep my lips sealed on this one for a while though, flesh a few things out.) This got Ryder and me really excited so we sorted through our footage and sent some relevant footage and B-roll to our editor, Aaron, back in Vancouver. Since our long-form documentary has a pretty specific focus, we think there will also be a short-form (under 30-minutes) documentary with a more general focus on the trip and our personal experiences traveling across Canada.

Cam Barker, Zack Kassian, Andrew Alberts, Kevin Bieksa, Daniel Sedin, Ryan KeslerSince it was coming up on dinner time and neither of us had a plan, we went to one of the pubs in down and had dinner and some beers and watched our beloved Canucks (in their awesome Vancouver Millionaires jerseys) get destroyed by Detroit. We chatted with some local people, mostly about how awful the weather has been.  Apparently it was 17 degrees at this time last year. Although that was unseasonably warm, it should be getting up to 5 degrees, not -10, as a high. It made us feel a little bit better about getting bundled up like Arctic explorers every time we have to go anywhere. I was also wearing my Semiahmoo Secondary sweater (go Totems) and the owner of the bar commented on it: “You’re my neighbour! I’m from Cloverdale!”

Sunday morning we woke up to even more snow and trudged our way through the fresh powder back up to the cultural centre where we got to work on a new script and preparing for our Gravelbourg video. Hopefully the wind quiets down enough for us to shoot some today!



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