Dailies: March 15, 2013

_MG_3271After the iciness of Thursday, we were happy when the snow blew in late in the evening and covered everything back up, making the ground somewhat more safe to walk on (except in the thin parts, where the powdery accumulation only weakened the traction). We had been stranded from our showers by a lake of ice, although it was very cool looking. Things get buried in the snow that then get preserved in the ice like bugs in amber…the air bubbles are also very cool.


In the morning, one of our project participants brought back the camera that he had taken out to his farm. They also shot in a day! People are pretty speedy here in Gravelbourg, it seems. His name is Dan Bowler, and by his own introduction, he moved out here from Ontario to be a grain farmer. It was his birthday party that we bowled at last week as well. Looking forward to seeing the snowswept prairies on beautiful Super 8!

We headed over to the Cultural Centre because Thursday was spent primarily at the bus. We contacted even more people and prepared for our summer stops. Paperwork paperwork paperwork! We’ve been brainstorming ways to make sections of our supplementary documentary more specific, so we spent some time on that as well.

Since it was Friday, the Main Street Inn had all of their pizzas on for half price. That was too good of a deal to pass up. We went over there and ran in to Ron, a guy we’d met cleaning up the curling rink, and he bought us our beers! We sat down with them to chat for a while, and eventually they left. We had our pizza, but then Ian, who we had met last week at Dan’s birthday party, came in with his partner and they joined us for a while too. Ian is a lifelong Gravelbourger…he told us that his cumulative time away from the town amounts to somewhere in the neighbourhood of four months. One of those trips was to Australia in the middle of North American winter. It got light so early that he would get up and work at 4 am, then have the whole afternoon to do what he wanted!

We had a thing or two more to finish up, so we came back to the Cultural Centre and then, since it was the Ides of March after all and Alexandra had not yet had a Caesar, we went to the other bar: Wylee Coyote. There we ran into Dennis, another one of our participants, having drinks with his brother and Raymond, the photo teacher from Collège Mathieu! Just can’t stop running in to people. We sat with them and told stories for a while–many of them had been to Vancouver so we spent a little time talking about the city and housing prices and so on. Dennis and his partner Joby are due to have a baby any day now–their first.



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