Dailies: March 14, 2012

Today was windy. It started in the morning and only got worse as the day went along. Since we didn’t have anywhere to run off to this morning I decided to take a shower – which is still an arduous feat until I get this cast off. Once we got through that whole process Ryder headed off to the darkroom at College Mathieu where he processed a test roll with our new batch of chemicals – the footage turned out great and we’re really excited to get to processing some Gravelbourg films and see what people came up with.

While Ryder was off doing that I was researching and writing a script for the Gravelbourg feature video we’ll be putting together for our youtube page. As we’ve probably mentioned before, Gravelbourg has a really unique history and even though our video won’t be able to get into as much detail as I read yesterday, I’m hoping we’ll communicate the really substantive parts of the history here.

Since the weather was so unfavourable, and Ryder wasn’t feeling that well, we mostly stayed inside and caught up on correspondence and all that ‘boring work’.  We did take some time out to watch the Werner Herzog documentary Into the Abyss, which was fantastic – even if I did cry for almost the entire 107 minutes.



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