Dailies: March 13, 2013

It was sunny again this morning, and, since we had gone grocery shopping yesterday, we made an omelet with corned beef and spinach. Always good to get a solid start to the day. Since the projects are starting to be finished, it’s about time to get the darkroom things settled! After we finished our morning cleanup, I left to head over to the Collège Mathieu school, which is happily a few short blocks from where the bus is parked at La Palestre. The folks over at Collège Mathieu, which is an elementary/secondary school conducted entirely in French and the only one of its kind to board students in Western Canada, have kindly offered the use of their darkroom (chambre-noir) to us and we are quite grateful because ours can be somewhat chilly depending on the weather! I spent a little while over there mixing some new developers and getting the space arranged.

Alexandra, meanwhile, went to the Cultural Centre to do some work on the computer. She finalized our latest video (a tour of the Fallentimber Meadery in Cremona) and researched a little bit into various grants, because the fundraising never stops. She also gave out cameras to our second group, who are about to get underway!

It was a beautiful day here; it’s amazing how one sunny day can change the whole terrain of a snow-covered town. Mounds of snow have halved in size…streets that I knew only as white paths are now thoroughly brown. Not that it wasn’t a mess, though: I decided to wear shoes because I got overly excited by the warmth and ended up with some very soaked socks. Everywhere bustled with the activity of men shoveling and hacking paths through the semi-frozen slush to allow the meltwater access to the storm drains. There is a new smell in the air, too, a good fresh smell. The smell of all the soil freed from its snowy prison, ready to nurture things again (but not for long…it’s going to be a high of -13 on Sunday with at least 10cm more snow). For now, though, that muddy smell is promising. This is quite the beautiful place with its heritage rooflines against the pale blue sky.

I could wax poetic for a long time, but ultimately I had to go fill up one of our propane tanks and then we made dinner. Afterwards, we spent time on an outline for a feature we’re hoping to shoot at some point down the road. Sometimes you need a good fiction.



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