Dailies: March 12, 2013

Well, well, well. We had plans for today, but shortly after we got up, Ryder got a call from a producer at CBC Saskatchewan named Tory Gillis. She had seen one of our emails and thought that our project might make good material for their show, “Afternoon Edition with Craig Lederhouse.” It’s kind of a drivetime general interest show (reminded me of “On the Coast” with the fabulous Stephen Quinn back in Vancouver). Ms. Gillis was very interested in what we are all about, and afterwards, Ryder said “I feel like I know more about the project now!” She was also the first person to ask us how our partnership is holding out, living in close quarters and all, so that was interesting. We joked afterwards that it’s probably better now than it was in the three months leading up to our departure.

CanadianFramelines_Gravelbourg2They wanted some photos for the website, and so we set about trying to take some new ones for them. Tory had mentioned that they were interested in the interior of the bus, so we had to hastily shove aside our breakfast dishes. It’s always somewhat of a to-do when we try to take photos of ourselves to send to media…since we don’t have a photographer on retainer it usually involves a lengthy trial-and-error process with a self timer. Today’s turned out pretty well though–we thought so anyway!

We worked on a couple of other things and ran some errands in the meantime, but there was an awkward amount of time left between when we finished the photos and when we had to be back for the interview. That’s always the worst. Makes you uncomfortable. Finally came to 4:50 and CBC called up and Ryder took it away. He did a really good job and we’re so proud of him–you can hear it here. Apparently CBK 540 AM, the frequency of the Radio One broadcast in Saskatchewan, is one of the most wide-reaching frequencies on the continent as a result of its transmission power, location at the uncluttered bottom of the AM spectrum, and Saskatchewan’s flat land and very conductive soil. It easily covers the bottom half of the province, with secondary coverage out to Calgary on the west and Winnipeg on the east. A local told us that his son was working on a farm in Kansas and that they could tune in CBK on the radio in their combine!

So we opened a bottle of wine given to us for Christmas by a very good friend to toast this milestone. Media exposure makes us glad not just because we love to have our egos stroked but also because the more people we can get this project out to, the more effective it is. We won’t stop trying!

Tomorrow: Darkroom, for real. And we’re exporting a new video for you as I type.



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