Dailies: March 11, 2013

So we missed Daylight Savings Time. This is the first time ever that we haven’t been in a place that observed DST during the switch. Saskatchewan is geographically within the Mountain Standard Time Zone but until the Time Act of 1966 individual municipalities were given control of the time they observed. This obviously resulted in a patchwork of MST, Central Standard Time, and Daylight Savings Time minizones. They were all reconciled under the Time Act and so at the present time Saskatchewan observes Central Time in the winter (aligned with Manitoba) and Mountain Time in the summer (aligned with Alberta)–all except the Battle River Time Option Area (where the city of Lloydminster is located), which observes Mountain Daylight Time with Alberta.

We happened to be awake at the DST switch, which is also uncommon in our lives. A row went up at our table when it was discovered that some cell phones (including the SaskTel ones!) had jumped an hour forward when there should not have been any change! Technology is the boss of time these days.

We made a commitment to observe a more regular schedule today. I make these commitments on a regular basis, and it’s always subject to much speculation between us whether or not I can stick to them. Being self-employed, in a sense, is hard enough; add living in a vehicle in a different town every month, and you’ve got a recipe for unpredictability. Still, we have a fresh start here in Gravelbourg and are hoping to make our time more regimented. Besides, when you have a schedule, it’s easier to know when your time off is coming.

So today we spent most of our time inside after getting blown around town (it was, like, SUPER windy) working on videos and emailing and so on. We’re already trying to get the word out in New Brunswick where we’re heading to next. Now THAT sounds far away! We wrote some new press releases and draft emails–all in all, just another one of those paperworky sessions.

This evening, after a quick bite out at the Main Street Inn, we were treated to a Skype chat with some friends from back home. It’s been a long time already and we’re just a quarter of the way through our travels, but already so much has changed in their lives that we have got to check in sometimes. We don’t often feel homesick (everyone takes darn good care of us), but we did tonight.

Just a couple more emails to send, then it’s off to bed. Our first participants have already finished, so tomorrow will be about figuring the darkroom situation out.



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