Dailies: July 5, 2013

As soon as we finished the screening in Tyendinaga, we both immediately had the same nervous, excited feeling. We are halfway through. We made it to six communities. We have gotten through half of this year. It was indeed cause for some celebration; we put a brave public face on (or we try to), but sometimes there have been serious doubts about even the near-term viability of the project. Halfway was a hugely important milestone–it showed us what we absolutely CAN do. Now, of course, the milestone is a two-edged sword: we have as much yet to complete as we have completed already, and looking back at how much work that was I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a little daunting. However, with a healthy dose of our good old friend blind stubbornness, I’m sure we’ll make it through.

We took a week to go shoot a music video in New York City thereafter, and enjoyed the dramatic change of scenery immensely (although we did miss the trees). The video, which is a semi-narrative short film set to an electronic music track, should be done in a little over a month. For now, however, any updates would be over at facebook.com/caulfieldwhite.

Just as quickly, we turned around to visit Ottawa for Canada Day. Alexandra’s father Bradley came out to visit, and Canada Day Fireworksthe three of us enjoyed the War Museum and the Museum of Civilization immensely. Civilization, in particular, was my favourite…I love that their curation is done in the first person. And the vodou exhibit was stunning. We are quite lucky to live in a place that fosters such appreciation for different customs.

But I have never seen as much red and white as I have on Parliament Hill for Canada Day. It’s incredible how quickly everyone gets decked out. One day, they are just normal Ottawans, the next they are an explosion of face paint and maple leaf flags. We joked to each other that we should have worn lime green to find each other more easily. Most of the day was spent listening to some fabulous Canadian music (saw Chris Hadfield THRICE), but one phenomenon caught my interest. I saw many Canadian flags, to be sure, but not many provincial flags are displayed by individuals in Ottawa. Newfoundland is the exception…I saw many of their flags waved by older folks who brought their lawn chairs.

These exceedingly brief recollections come to you from Tobermory, Ontario, which is right at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. The peninsula divides Georgian Bay (east) from Lake Huron (west)–these two bodies of water, we’re told, join with Lake Michigan to form the largest body of fresh water in the world. Although we’ve only been set up here just over a day, we have already made about 5 friends! Two of them hosted us for dinner, and we went up on their deck afterwards to watch the sun set. As the orange rays glimmered across the water, a swirl of gulls enveloped us. Our friend John informed us that they were “hawking [catching and eating] mayflies, a rare feeding pattern that you might only observe a handful of times in your life.”

More updates (and photos!) to come soon.




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