Dailies: July 17, 2013

Whew! What crazy heat. We have been going to swim in the bay every day in the afternoon when the sun gets too oppressive. It’s a real lifesaver. Wherever you are, I hope you are able to take advantage of some natural body of water to regulate your body temperature. One thing I have to say about the humidity, though, is that it makes for some terrific sunsets. Even back from the water in the trees where we are staying, every night is a very drawn-out creamsicle transition from day to dusk.

Our make-up workshop (to make up for the Saturday one, not to teach about makeup) was held last night, and it was quite a success! We always try to get a bit of a demographic spread over our participants, but because of various factors, the turnout can sometimes be concentrated heavily in one sector of the community. A few other people were able to attend last night’s workshop, so we are glad for that.

We were also given a very kind gift at an eerily appropriate time. I had just finished breaking one of our cameras about an hour before the workshop (glue I was using heated up and ran inside the lens), and I was beginning to despair–we started out with four cameras and are now down to two of the originals.

Never mind the creepy expression.

Never mind the creepy expression.

But just before the workshop began, a woman we had met at the info session came through the doors with a big file box of old cameras and accessories. “This is all Super 8 stuff,” she said. “We were going to put it in the garage sale, but thought you might get more out of it.” I was floored. The world is spooky. Regardless, thanks to Sheree, we have two more cameras to be added to the arsenal after we put them through some tests.

It speaks volumes to us that people have come out to support the project, particularly at this time of year. Tobermory is subject to that most fickle and intense labour economies: the summer tourism market. Many have said to us that the only people available in the summer are the tourists, and they would much rather be out on the lake (I can’t blame them). The young people make the vast majority of their money between July and September, and many of them even come from other places to staff the town’s restaurants, hotels, boat tour companies, and so on. Even the Chi-Cheemaun ferry, a link between the peninsula and Northern Ontario via Manitoulin Island, only operates until mid-October. It makes an interesting counterpiece to Pender Harbour, where the economy operates in much the same way–however, we saw that one from the other side of the schedule.

Over the next couple of days we’ll be working to get some videos done here in Tobermory, as well as to get set up for processing. Long days make it tricky, that’s for sure!



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