Dailies: February 28, 2013

You know how it is when you’re packing up to move, right? It always takes longer than you think it will. You could have moved a thousand times in your life, and you’re still going to be running down to the alley behind the grocery store at 8pm because you need JUST ONE MORE BOX. Well, getting out of a town is about the same way for us. This is especially in Cremona, where today marked the fourth week of our stay and our possessions have spread out somewhat in that time.

We started the day by dropping off the last handful of our thank you cards and making a visit to the school. We had ordered a projector lamp to Gail’s house almost two weeks ago, and it hadn’t come yet, so we waited around to check in with the Post Office when the mail came at ten. At that point, we were debating whether or not we should stay another night–we don’t have our info session in Gravelbourg until March 6–but ultimately we decided it would feel better to stick to the plan. We loaded the last of our things out of Karel’s house, vacuumed up a bit, returned Gail’s car, and then it back up to the house to say goodbye to him and his cats Domino and Little Nog. It is a little sad when we get to this point…we spend so long in these places that it is hard to say goodbye to all of our friends!

By the time we actually got on the road, it was after 1pm. Our original plan was to make the drive to Gravelbourg in two days with an overnight stop in Medicine Hat, Alberta. It’s only an eight hour drive in total but we saw no need to rush. But we had also been told at many points about Drumheller, AB, (of all the places Alexandra’s brother has been on his drives to and from Ontario, it was the place he said we absolutely had to see), and since it was somewhat on our way, we made the two hour drive over there. It felt good to be back on the road…four weeks seems like a long time to stay put now.

Drumheller is “the Dinosaur Capital of the World.” Located in the Red Deer River valley in the heart of the Canadian Badlands, it is one of the most abundant sources of dinosaur and other prehistoric fossils in North America. And who doesn’t want to see dinosaurs? There are many beautiful specimens at the Royal Tyrell Museum here, including a huge ammonite5035037271-ammonite (at right), a nearly complete Albertosaurus, and the remains of one of the largest elasmosaurs ever discovered. One of the other great things about Drumheller is that, in accordance with its status as “Dino Capital,” almost every business has its own dinosaur statue. I could almost do a whole book of pictures of these things.

We will depart tomorrow for Medicine Hat and perhaps Gravelbourg. We’ll play it by ear! The weather is lovely though, and the sun is shining out here in the badlands.



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  • Your “Dailies” are just a delight to me. ive gotten into the habit of anticipating reading about whatever kooky stuff you encounter. Its so nice to hear about two people just heading out and having such great experiences. And its clear that its partially because of who you are, that you are so open and enthusiastic that it appeals to everyone around you. It inspires me as I know it inspires others. Im glad im subscribed so i dont have to look for it, it just shows up in my inbox. I tell everyone I meet to check you out!

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