Dailies: February 27, 2013

It was our last full day in Cremona/Water Valley, we’re hitting the road tomorrow and heading for Medicine Hat, Alberta where we’ll make an overnight pitstop before heading on to Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan. After breakfast this morning, Ryder and I took some time to clean and organize the bus, packing away any loose objects that might cause problems on our travels. That took a fair amount of time as I started sorting some keepsakes and gifts we had acquired here in Cremona/Water Valley, and some from Pender Harbour too. After that we headed down to Cremona School to load up our supplies from the school’s darkroom and help a couple of the students from the Digital Media Class upload their videos to our Youtube Channel – those will  be released in the next couple of days!

Then we were off to deliver some ‘Thank You’ cards to all of the local businesses and individuals who had donated their time and/or services to us. We were so well taken care orangeof in Cremona/Water Valley; home cooked meals and goodies, gift certificates to restaurants, a couple bottles of wine, some tools and supplies, and even an oil change!  It has really meant so much to us.  Being a self-funded project with no help from outside government programs, or private agencies has meant that we’ve had to stick to a very tight budget (lots of beans and rice in our diet) so everything people did for us here; taking us to see horses, going skidooing, lending out their vehicles so I could get to and from doctor’s appointments when I broke my radius, made a huge difference to us, and I’m not sure we could ever thank them enough. The generosity of this community is completely overwhelming.

In the evening we were able to make one last social call and share some wine and conversation with Craig Lerbekmo, one of the teacher’s at the Cremona School.  Now we’re packing up our stuff from the room Karel Beckman has let us stay in since I broke my arm – I don’t know how I would have gotten through those first couple of weeks without his hospitality, it has made all the difference in my recovery.



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